Being a member of Local 170

To understand what it means to be a member of Local 170 one has to start at the beginning.  Local 170 is a Union rich in history.  On October 14, 1933 Local 170 was chartered as an organization in a time where jobs, health care and the security of our Country were spiraling out of control.  It was the labor unions and the belief in the American Dream that brought our Country back from the deepest of depressions.  Much like then, we look at today and see almost a mirror image of a United States that is lost in a recession, where unemployment is growing daily, coupled with the energy crisis, fuel crisis, health care crisis and on and on.  Again, true to form it will be the American Dream that brings us back so every family has a chance.  Members of Local 170 know that they belong to one of the greatest unions in the world and that their union will stand behind them and will support their rights as hardworking citizens.

Your union membership also entitles you to:

Voting Privleges

Only union members can attend union meetings, vote on union contracts and vote on other important matters involving your work and the union.

Union Communications

You will receive a Local 170 "Heart of the Commonwealth" Newsletter, which keeps you informed about union activities at the local, state and national levels. You also receive "The Teamster" magazine from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union.

The Union Contract

Teamster members are covered by a legally binding contract that is signed by the Union and the employer. Contracts cover such rights and benefits as...

  • Salary levels and Salary issues
  • Health coverage
  • Job security
  • Promotions
  • Paid time off for vacations and holidays
  • Retirement benefits
  • Seniority

Your contract is negotiated with management by you and your co-workers and Teamster leaders. Every member has the right to make suggestions about what should be in the contract and to vote on the final agreement.

To win a good contract, employees have to show management that they are united in support of their negotiating team. Sometimes employees will seek support from other unions, community groups, public officials, consumers, or other organizations to convince management to reach a reasonable agreement.

The rights and benefits in the contract are guaranteed. Management cannot legally change the contract without negotiating with the Union first.